Awards and Nominations for Kismet: From the Joy of Romance to the Agony of Alzheimer’s

April 5, 2014: Selected as a finalist in the 2014 Colorado Book Awards Memoir category

Shown below: Liz Van Ingen (left), with Gail Storey, author of I Promise Not To Suffer, winner of 2014 Colorado Book Awards Memoir category

Liz with Gayle Storey, author of I Promise Not To Suffer

Reader Review of Kismet:

As beautifully as a carpet of Isfahan, Elizabeth Van Ingen’s poetic descriptions are woven together with symbolic themes of purpose and self-discovery. Her words pull you in and you feel like you are there with her, traveling to the next country, breathing in scents of coriander, dust, the black earth of Iowa, or walking through the chaotic, agonizing and uncharted territory of Alzheimer’s.

Through her story, we see a personal journey represented by place and experience, gold charms on her bracelet, and a Tunisian bird cage that earned a custom-designed spot in her and her husband Tony’s long-time home in Iowa. Liz writes early on in the book: “‘Watch out the Shah doesn't get you!’ my friends had warned me as I left home in California. ‘The Shah didn't get me, but Tony did.’”

I know that Kismet will get you, too! It is an extraordinary story. Of an extraordinary woman. And, an extraordinary life.

-- J. P.

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